Good Grief!

For those super close to me (Veronica Rodriguez), you know that I lost my dad the day after Father’s Day to a heart attack. Traditionally, I run away from everyone and spend about a week at a national park, far away from peoples’ Father’s Day posts, BBQs and commercials on “what to get dad”. Well as life would have it, this year a full week wasn’t available to sulk, and it got my head spinning on ways to keep the spirit of my incredible father alive.

What I’ve learned from grieving is that we all grieve in different ways. My way is to talk, remember the good times, laugh and share stories. I know there are people out there that want to share their memories, but maybe those closest to them don’t grieve the same way and aren’t able to talk or listen. I know that’s how I felt 🙋🏽‍♀️

That’s why I created Daddy’s Girl, a YouTube series to continue the legacy, keep the spirit alive, help those grieving and, who knows, maybe empower a young dad or two that their lil baby girls are watching them in awe. New episodes are released every Sunday.

Positive Grieving

A platform for guests to talk about their best memories with their dad.

+ Why Support Daddy's Girl?


Allowing guests to keep their dad's legacy alive by sharing the impact their dad made on their life and others.


Empowering dads that their baby girls are watching them in awe.


+ Recent Episodes

The Tide Will Turn

Episode #3 of Daddy’s Girl features Debika, listen as she shares the journey of her dad Mihir Sen and how he swam 5 countries oceans in one year, was in the Guinness Book of World Records and battled dementia. Her words to me are like poetry, and she’s such an uplifting soul 💫

Mentally Fit

Listen as Brittany Hixenbaugh shares her story about losing her dad from a car accident when she was driving. Brittany shares how she’s overcome to be the strong, fit and motivated female by applying her dad’s life lessons on having your head up!

Thing of Beauty

From the jungles of the Philippines during WWII to a simple life in the US, Barbara shares her father’s journey of survival. This Daddy’s Girl episode is a unique reminder to find the beauty in everything.